House rules for Nordic Equinox


  1. Organizers and GM's who are on duty are wearing red-orange neon jackets or grey robes (if in game).
  2. Helpers and REF's who are on duty are wearing yellow-green neon jackets or grey robes (if in game).
  3. Players must follow the orders of GM's and REF's while on event premises.
  4. Making a ruling that contradicts to game rules, can only be done by a GM (not by a REF).
  5. Players should address their event related questions and problems to only those organizers who are on duty (wearing the jackets or robes).

Fire safety:

  1. Camp fires can be made only at pre-arranged places.
  2. Campfire sites can be (pre-)arranged only by organizers.
  3. If a fire is burning, someone is watching it. Unwatched fires must be extinguished at once.
  4. Using torches and open fire in battle, without the express permission from organizers is forbidden.
  5. Using torches and open fire near the castle can be done only with approval from the organizers and under their supervision.
  6. When a fire breaks out: the one noticing the fire will call out STOP and send the nearest person to fetch a organizer. Everybody present, should remain calm and act according to the organizers commands, upon his arrival.

First aid:

  1. First aid will be given (or the place of first aid kit known) by organizers.
  2. If something happens to someone - DON'T try to give first aid yourself (unless you are qualified to do it by the governing body of your country), send for help as fast as possible.


  1. Camping only in pre-arranged places.
  2. Organizers will arrange all permanent or temporary camping places at check in. Unauthorized camping sites will be removed.
  3. Heated tents must have a tent-chief, who is in charge of heating and fire safety. Tent-chief's commands must be obeyed by all persons in the tent.


  1. Garbage belongs in the garbage bags, of which the organizers have provided plenty.
  2. If you discover a knocked over garbage bag, it is your duty to set it upright again.
  3. If you discover a filled garbage bag, it is your duty to point it out to the nearest organizer.
  5. Your campsite has to be left cleaner than it was when you came there.


Personal belongings:

  1. Each participant is responsible for all their personal belongings, regardless where those are located on the area. All camps and tent areas are unguarded!
  2. Found items whos owner is not known, can be handed over to the organizers.
  3. Organizers keep found items ONLY until the end of the game and do not seek owners or arrange returns after the event.
  4. Everyone can browse the found items box in order to locate their items. Organizers do not engage in verifying identities of players doing so nor verify ownership of items taken that way.
  5. All items that have not been claimed by the evening of the last day of the event will be disposed of with the rest of the garbage.


  1. Please park cars compactly, on the designated parking lot.
  2. Please be polite while parking and don't box anyone in. Vehicles that hinder traffic will be (re)moved.


  1. Going to the toilet is an out of game activity. Please don't attack people who are on the latrine call, don't stalk in the toilets or near the toilets - be civil about it.
  2. Same goes for sanitary areas near player camps.
  3. Please don't remove/steal toilet paper from the toilets! If you find a toilet with no paper (which is unlikely, unless someone has stolen it), notify the nearest organizer and the issue will be quickly resolved.

Food, drink and everything else

  1. Food, eating and foodstuff is out of game - again, be civil about it.
  2. Alcohol and tobacco can be consumed only by players old enough (18 years or older). Violators will be sent home and will not be refunded.
  3. If the consumed amount of alcohol will start interfering with the event noticeably, the persons involved will be removed from the game area.
  4. It is forbidden to take part in fighting under the influence of alcohol. There are no exceptions and no warnings, the offender will be removed from the game.
  5. Smoking is allowed only near burning fires. Smoking is a fire hazard, the woods are very dry and if you do it anywhere else than near a fire, you are putting everyone in danger and we will act accordingly.
  6. If you want to smoke, please do it in a fashion so it doesn't disturb other players - put out your cigarette or pipe on the first complaint by others.
  7. All illegal substances are strictly forbidden. Violators will be sent home and not refunded. In addition police will be notified.